Published: 18.03.2021  Last updated: 08.06.2023

CRD Viewer released

We have released a new desktop application for viewing and analysing Common Royalty Distribution (CRD) files.

It lets you view and filter files in the Common Royalty Distribution format in a more convenient way. You can load a CRD file of Version 2.2 and either view the raw data or the data in aggregated format. While for the first option you need to have an understanding of the structure of the CRD format, the latter will process and display the data in a more convenient way.

CRD Viewer

Besides general information about the content of the file, you can see all appearing Interested Parties, Exploitation Sources and Works, with a added information about the summed money for that party or work, respectively from that source. You can also have a detailed Information about each royalty entry, with the ability to filter Exploitation Source, Beneficiary, Work, Territories and Authors (more filter to be included) and configure the columns you want to display or not.

A short introduction and the download of the tool can be found on our website.