Published: 07.06.2021  Last updated: 08.06.2023

CRD Viewer v0.3.7825 released

Version v0.3.7825 of the CRD-Viewer has been released! The improvements are based primarily on the feedback of various publishers, who used and tested the tool. Thanks!

The implemented features, improvements and fixed cover the following points:

  • We added support to load multiple CRD-Files at once to improve comparability and batch processing. As CRD-files can cover a broad variety of content and structure, we recommend to use this feature with as homogeneous content as possible only. E.g. multiple files from a certain collecting society should work, whereas multiple files from different societies with various beneficiaries and right types probably not.

  • We added an option to show the shares of a work in detail view (View CRD Data -> Details). Due to space limits and to improve readability, the panel is only visible if exactly one work is selected/filtered.

  • We added the support for filtering royalties based on distribution category, rights type and date. Whereas filtering the first two is pretty straight forward (choose one or more values contained in the file), filtering dates is a based on the following assumption. If you choose only a start date, all licensings after this date are included (and vice versa when choosing only an end date). If you want to choose an exact date, set start and end date to the same day. Now you should get all licensings happened exactly at that day as well as licensing periods covering that day.

  • To improve readability, the distribution category - formerly displayed as number like in the CRD - is resolved into a readable description.

  • As a CRD file contains a lot of (mostly small) numbers representing monetary values, we typographically emphasised the most important number - remitted amount - so that you can identify the relevant data faster.

  • To support analysis and further processing of CRD data, we added an option to export the CRD content to a (more common) CSV file. You can export filtered licensings directly from the CRD Detail view. After that you should have converted your CRD data into a more readable format.

You can download the version v0.3.7825 of the Common Royalty Distribution viewer directly from the CRD Viewer tool page.